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The Structure of Adjustable Table

The height of traditional furniture such as dining table, office table or conference table is produced according to certain standards or specified requirements of users.

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Advantages and Uses of Electric Desks

At present, the electrically driven adjustable table legs are quite common in the market, including pneumatic type, screw adjustable type, hand-operated type, mechanical type and electric type.

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Benefits of Using Automatic Rising TV Cabinet

After watching TV for a long time, automatic rising TV cabinet can effectively relieve visual fatigue and cervical fatigue.

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Automatic TV Stand Assembly

No matter what kind of TV cabinet design, it also needs to be installed. Let's take a look at the assembly of automatic TV stand.

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Why to Choose Automatic Desk Lift

Sitting still for a long time is the number one enemy for office workers' health. "Take bus before work, sit at computer desk during work and sit before the TV after work" has become the...

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Standing Desk Products

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, the appearance of advanced equipment makes people's work and life style different from the past. In addition to the way people work...

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Stand Up and Work Desk

From a healthy point of view, standing up and working can help us solve some problems, but everything should be moderate. If we want to give full play to the best effect of standing, we can reasonably...

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The Choice of the Rising Desk

With the popularity of automatic rising desk, more and more customers begin to favor this table with more technologies. So what should we pay attention to when choosing the automatic rising desk? In f...

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Advantages of TV Lift Desk

TV lift desk, as its name implies, is a kind of TV cabinet design that can be lifted, mainly with the help of TV lifter. It is a new product designed according to the needs of modern space beautificat...

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The Characteristics of the Electric Rising Desk

The electric rising desk is a kind of lifting desk, which is widely promoted and used in modern office facilities. The form of lifting is mainly achieved through adjusting the height of the desktop to...

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What is Automatic Desk?

It is well known that the desk is the office furniture which has fixed height, and the office chair matched with it is also having highly fixed structure. Until the ergonomic chair came into being, it...

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Raisable Desk Platform

The raisable desk platform for office use is a popular desk at present. This kind of desk can adjust height at will. It can be used by sitting at low height or standing at high height. Working in stan...

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The Benefits of the TV Elevator Stand

In the China's popular TV drama "All IS WELL", the character Su Daqiang was fascinated by its luxury when he first arrived at her daughter's home, but he did not find the TV after tu...

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Reasons for Choosing Computer Riser Standing Desk

Five reasons for using a computer riser standing desk: 1.Standing can make us live longer "Sitting for a long time" is equal to "Chronic suicide". Is it exaggeration? Not at all. T...

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Why Fashion Simple Tv Lift Desk Is Becoming More And More Popular

With the change of some forms of people's daily life, makeup needs to choose appropriate clothes, shoes must be fitted with handy bags. So as the front of the family, the choice of TV lift desk has be...

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The Role of TV Elevator Cabinet

I believe that when it comes to TV cabinets, everyone is familiar. In the home decoration of modern consumers, TV elevator cabinet is a very good decoration type, not only beautiful but also practical...

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Development Trend of Lifting Table: Health, Environmental Protection and Intelligence

With the continuous development and change of the Internet technology era, the development trend of lifting tables has been modernized, and smart lift desk has gradually emerged. Correspondingly, it w...

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Characteristics of Rising TV Stand

Product features of rising TV stand:1.Reasonable product structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, low noise, beautiful appearance, stable lifting and durable.2.Cabinet TV lifts are mainly em...

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Rising Tv Cabinet Features - Let You Go To The Top Of The Fashion

Imagine that warm and simple room decoration will make people feel comfortable at home. The room decoration is high-grade and luxurious, reflecting the atmosphere and stable aesthetic bias. But if the...

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Screen Raisable Computer Desk

In the era of big data with the rapid development of the Internet, computer desk has become an indispensable role in our daily life. Nowadays, the computer desk on the market has been following people...

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What if the New Power Lift TV Cabinets Smell too Deep?

After the power lift TV cabinets are purchased and put in place, many families can't use the power lift TV cabinets properly because the new home has just been decorated and smells great, and the form...

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How Can One Leg Desk Reduce Damage?

With the improvement of people's living standards and the growing appeal for environmental protection, most enterprises will choose one leg desk in the rest area, and the maintenance of tables and cha...

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Usage Experience of Vertical Desk

Every day in front of the computer office, over time waist soreness and neck pain has become a commonplace meal. It's a hopeless thing to leave the computer office. I believe many people will have the...

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How to Keep Your Motorized TV Stand Colorful

When we use a motorized TV stand, sometimes we accidentally dirty the TV cabinet. If you do not use the right help to clean, it will affect the color of the TV cabinet. In this way, the motorized TV s...

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What Should We Do When Motorized TV Cabinet is Mildewed

If we buy motorized TV cabinet, it will be easy to be moth-eaten, wood foaming and mildew if it is kept in a humid environment for a long time, which will lead to a shorter lifetime of the motorized T...

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What are The Classifications and Advantages of Electric Lifting Computer Tables?

With the development of high technology, the functions of computers are becoming more and more powerful, and computers are almost essential for everyone. Computers not only broaden our horizons but al...

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Why Choose Lifting Desk

Whether sitting or standing office for a long time has a bad physiological impact on the human body, only sitting alternately office is the most scientific and healthy way of office. Sitting alternate...

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What is Four Leg Standing Desk

Permanent desks may look more comfortable in the short term, but long hours of work can lead to serious health problems. That's why it's important to use a suite of office furniture that suits your da...

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Desk Lift Station for Liquid Crystal Display

LCD desk lift station is mainly used for government or enterprise high-end multimedia conference, office, and monitoring. In the office process, the greatest benefit to the human body is that it can r...

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Design Principles of Automatic TV Cabinet

Automatic TV cabinet uses log color design to make our life full of original ecological interest. From the material point of view, it chose the melamine board as the main material, the price will be r...

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Automatic Rising TV Cabinet and its Features

The automatic rising TV cabinet is a kind of design of TV cabinet which can automatically rise and fall, mainly with the help of TV lifter. It is a new product designed according to the demand of mode...

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Principle and Characteristics of Automatic Rising Desk

Many companies use automatic rising desk in meetings, or when employees listen to reports, they use it. Its role is mainly in some large-scale occasions or office meeting rooms, which provide desks fo...

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Application of Automatic Desk with Adjustable Height

With the improvement of living standards, students are generally taller now. Some senior high school students have reached 1.75-1.85 meters in height. However, desks in many local schools are still mo...

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What Kind Of Experience Using Automatic Desk Riser Is?

In the era of intellectualization, all walks of life are developing towards intellectualization, and office furniture industry is no exception. More and more office furniture manufacturers are investi...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Stand Up Reading Desk

The recently broadcasted TV series "My First Half Life" believes that everyone has heard of it and Tang Jing's capable workplace hero image has also been well received by the audience.Baobao found tha...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames For Health Reasons, You Should Avoid Sedentary And Automatically Change The Height Of Your Desk.

More and more office people realize that long-term sedentary will cause harm to the body, so many programmers living in the Imperial City will choose to stand up for health, but they can be standing t...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames What Is The Experience When You Have A Raisable Computer Desk!

When we DIY our computer host, we added various lighting effects, various decorations and the visual feeling is very cool, but the actual experience is very general. If we use a raisable computer desk...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Stand Up Office Makes Your Afternoon More Energetic

How to improve your efficiency? Here's a look at the benefits of using a movable stand up desk. Sedentary is the root cause of many chronic diseases. The movable stand up desk can alleviate the advers...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Standing Desk Is Value For Money

The study found that giving 20% staff a standing desk in the office would save A$84 million in health care costs.According to Australia's first assessment of a low cost standing desk, providing a stan...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames A Japanese Company Launched A Standing Computer Desk To Prohibit Employees From Sitting Down And Using Computers

In order to improve the efficiency of employees' work, a Japanese company has specially ordered a gray standing table that can only be used for standing, and prohibits employees from using the compute...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Electric Lift TV Stand Leads The Era

Features and uses of electric lift tv stand:1. Applicable to LCD TVs of various specifications and sizes. This product is widely used in hotels, yachts, multimedia conference rooms, exhibition halls a...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Smart Lift Desk - Make Your Work

Are you sitting at your desk all day and typing on the keyboard?We drive, work, study and sit for hours every day.For a moment of comfort, sitting and squatting, it is easier to have a backache!Do you...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames The Future Has Come, The Electric Adjustable Stand up Desk Has Become The Trend of The Times

Sedentary is harmful! The electric adjustable stand up desk turned out to be so important:According to the University of Regensburg in Germany, if you sit for 2 more hours a day, the risk of lung canc...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Ordinary Table VS Easy Lift Desk, Who Is Your First Choice!

With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the rapid development of cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and touch technology is closely related to our lives. Correspondingly, the ...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Begin by Saying Goodbye to Sitting for a Long Time! Desks That Rise up and down Help You Protect the Health of Your Family for Two Generations

Unconsciously, it's the age when people want to throw a few medlars into a cup of coke. As time goes on, they feel that all the functions of the body are declining. When we were young, we stayed up al...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Those Desks That Lift up and down Has Cured My Waist!

As we all know, sitting for a long time can do great harm to human health, but because of work reasons, many people have to sit for seven or eight hours or even more.In fact, many people in the city a...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Cook: Sitting is Cancer. Every Employee Should Have a Desk That Allows You to Stand

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently revealed an interesting detail about Apple's new spaceship headquarters: Everyone has a desk that allows you to stand that lets you work on it. At the same time, he said in...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Office Waist Guard Artifact, The Desk Lift Station

It is said that people's life has become more convenient since the computer came into being, but all kinds of diseases have found our bodies, especially computer practitioners, who spend at least eigh...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Office Worker Can Try to Stand to Work, Sitting and Standing Alternately, Make Health More Secure

Frank is glad he chose the Internet company, which is quite different from the traditional business he worked for before.In his previous company, employees were working from nine -to -five, with rules...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Talking about Mingyu's Rising TV Cabinet for Su Daqiang's Addiction

Everyone has been watching the TV play "All is Well" recently. Su Daqiang was fascinated by his daughter's luxury for the first time when he arrived at her home, but he did not find the TV after turni...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames If You Are Tired of Standing for a Long Time, You Might Try the Anti Fatigue Mats

Employees who spend many hours Standing at rest on most working days. Standing uses 20% more energy than sitting, because the human body does not work intentionally, standing for a long time can lead ...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Battle Mat in a Mattress, Anti-fatigue Foot Mat

The floor mat is a very common thing in daily life. What is it used for? Some are beautiful, some are scraping dust at the entrance, some absorb water, some are warm feet, it can be said that the use ...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Designing a Home Office in This Way Can Make Work 10 Times and More Efficient.

Some people say that the development of the Internet has completely changed the way it works.Geographically speaking, the Internet has broken the "office" boundary. Even at home, you can communicate a...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Take a Vacation for Your Waist and Stand up to Work

As an Internet practitioner who stays at the computer desk every day except eating and sleeping, I sit at the computer desk most of the time every day, which seriously overdraft my body. Especially th...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Advantages of Standing Computer Table

For those engaged in e-commerce work, they bow their heads in front of the computer every day, do customer service, take photos on the shelves, and go through the train. Over the years, serious cervic...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames You Need Adjustable Standing Learning Tables for your Child-loving Family

Sitting all day is harmful to health, so there are many kinds of vertical desks on the market. Today, we introduce a new type of adjustable standing computer workstation. Although we have introduced m...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Standing Office, a Small Change and Big Benefit

The study found that on weekdays, people spend an average of 5 hours and 41 minutes a day sitting at their desks and 7 hours sleeping.Sitting in office for a long time is harmful to our health. Health...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Save Cervical Spondylosis and Farewell to Big Abdomen: The Experience of the Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Workstation

Pay attention to the users of office desktop products, we must be familiar with our products. The company's products are based on ergonomics, around the two major scenarios of office and home, launche...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Stay Away From Sedentary and Say Goodbye to Sub-health and Sit at a Dual-purpose Elevating Table

Nowadays, the rhythm of random life is getting faster and faster, and many people are under more and more pressure, which leads to the fact that modern people's physical state is often in a sub-health...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Adjustable Desk, Which Is Both High and Low, Can Play Computer Happily If You Want to Sit in The Main Station.

There is a saying that the civilized diseases of modern people are all "sitting" out!Previously very popular "a picture lets you see the crisis of sedentary", which is really a panic for all office wo...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames An Adjustable Elevating Table

Traditional ordinary tables have only a fixed height, and keeping a position for a long time can make people sleepy and so on. The adjustable height computer desk workstation has many different height...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Adjustable Height Computer Desk: Kneeling, Sitting and Standing are all Suitable

For a long time, it has become a habit for people to sit at their desks, but if they do not change their postures for a long time, they will lead to cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and other dise...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames This Computer Stand Sit Stand Can Not Only Be Invisible, But Also Treat Cervical Spondylosis?

With the advent of the era of intelligence, electronic devices have become more and more integrated into people's daily life. For example, with people on business or leisure travel, they like to carry...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames If You Buy A Computer Bracket for 100 yuan, You Can Ease the Burden on Your Cervical Spine.

I want to share my daily work. I have at least 10 hours a day to face the computer, and play a mobile phone on the way to and from work. The back pain need not be said, and the most important is often...

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Workplace Chronic Suicide Prevention Artifact--Desktop Adjustable Stand up Desk

As office workers and literary workers, they all have the habit of sitting and working. They often sit for a day. Even when they come home from work, they are still sitting in front of the computer. B...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Fast Switching Between Standing and Sitting Postures

There is no way to stand in the office, so the workbench must be able to let you switching quickly between standing and sitting in the office. To Shengzhou Dingke, this adjustable sit stand desk conve...

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Standing and Working for Two Hours

In today's many office environments, it is not hard to find that employees need to sit and work for a long time and lack of exercise, which has a lot of negative effects on health. Therefore, it is in...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Workstation Can Improve Your Work Efficiency

Do you need to work in the office for long periods of time? Do you sit at your desk all day and don't move until lunchtime, or do you change your posture every once in a while and stand up to do somet...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames The Adjustable Desk Platform

With the development of information technology, most office workers can't work without computers. The use of computer office will make people sit for a long time, so it brings many health problems, su...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Healthy Work, Started From the Height of Freedom

Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time can be harmful to our health: chronic diseases such as cervical and lumbar vertebra are the most common, and cardiovascular diseases can be cau...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames The Dangers of Sitting: White-collar Workers Face an Unprecedented Health Crisis

Few days ago, "Frontline City White-collar Health and Medical Action Report” was published, and the large data analysis shows that Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen as the highest in China's ind...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Adjustable Height Computer Desk Workstation for Office

With the popularity of computers, computers have gradually entered people's life, study and work. The traditional paper-and-pencil office has been basically replaced by the computer office, and the pa...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames The Adjustable Computer Table Sit Stand

According to the ergonomic institutions of various countries, the correct posture of using a computer mainly includes the following points:1.Adjusting the height of the seat plate to the appropriate p...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Adjustable Computer Stand Sit Stand -- the Bane of Cervical Spondylosis

Recently, with the popularity of computers, mobile phones and other electronic products, the spread of cervical spondylosis is becoming more and more serious. Cervical spondylosis, also known as cervi...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Adjustable Desk Frame Only Can Improve Office Comfort

Desk is a kind of important furniture daily necessities, whether in a family room, or in the unit office. Table is formed by tabletop and platform commonly. Platform is the frame that props up the des...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Experience Summary Of Standing Office For Two Years.

It's been two years since I started using standing desks. No matter how long I work a day, I always stand in front of the computer. That is to say, sometimes I stand for more than 10 hours a day. If I...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Advantages Of Standing Office.

In recent years, numerous studies around the world have shown that sitting still for long periods of time affects health. Sitting in front of the computer all day is very unhealthy. But sometimes we c...

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Lift Standing Desk Frames Lift Standing Desk Is Conducive To Good Health

With the continuous development of science and technology, people's health has brought a very serious negative impact, such as those who spend a lot of time sitting at the computer and working hard ar...

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Sit Stand Desk Converter

Description of Sit Stand Desk Converter:

Sit stand desk converter can turn your desk into a healthy workstation in a few minutes. Independent sit-up workstation supports single, double, three, or four panel displays and function button height adjustment.

This Workstation- energize your body. Stimulate your mind. Instantly convert any desk into a sitting workspace to promote health and productivity.

"Sitting is the new smoking." Sit stand desk converter seamlessly integrate with your workdays to promote health and wellness.

The alternative use of sitting and standing supported by the sit stand desk converter is mainly to prevent users from sitting for a long time and provide a new way of standing office. Generally, the desk is fixed. When we stand up, we can't continue to work in the desk, and the sit stand desk converter can rise and fall, so that we can work alternately between sitting and standing to relieve the pressure on the body caused by sitting for a long time.

Features of Sit Stand Desk Converter:

  • Colour: White; Black; Grey;
  • Input Voltage:110-230VAC
  • Column Adjustable Height Range: 570-1220 mm
  • Board Height Range: 250-900 mm
  • Max. Speed: 38mm/s
  • Load Capacity: 800N
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Low Power: Yes
  • Anti-Collision: Yes
  • Duty Cycle: 10%; Max. 2min. off

FAQ about Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter:

Q1: Are standing desks good for you?
If you sit in a chair for more than eight hours a day, you will feel stiff and sore during the weekend. Working at your desk can affect your posture. If so, you may need an active workstation. Encourage organic movement and correct posture by creating a workstation that allows you to move more.

Q2: What is a standing desk converter?
Standing desk converters are units that relaxation on top of your desk and raise your notebook up and down so you can sit down or stand at work.

Q3. How many hours a day should you be on your feet?
Ideally, you should avoid sitting long and stand up and move a little every 30 minutes.
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